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About the Course

This class focuses on threats (e.g., of terrorism, war, disease, cyber-conflict, and global warming) that undermine the safety and stability of our collective life (e.g., as citizens of a nation-state). It focuses on the institutions, policies, and technologies (e.g., militias, immigration bans, and surveillance drones) that groups develop to manage and defend against these threats. Course material focuses on concepts and theories that explain how groups conceptualize and practice security in particular ways. Students are encouraged to study a chosen security topic within a specific historical and cultural setting.


Past PACS 3800 Syllabus.

Class Attributes

  • This course counts for Arts & Sciences General Education: Distribution-Social Sciences

  • This course counts under Functional Area III for International Affairs Majors

  • This course counts as an elective for students registered for the PACS Certificate


  • This course is offered in person spring term. Next offering will likely be Spring 2024.