Published: March 8, 2019

student in a hammockMany students stay in Boulder over break, as there are plenty of things to do and they can take advantage of enjoying different aspects of the Boulder/Denver area with less students around. Here are some reminders about limited services on campus during break and staycation ideas to share with your student. 

Spring break reminders

  • Spring break begins March 23 and ends March 31. Campus will be closed on Friday, March 29 for a university holiday.
  • While the residence halls will remain open over break, the dining centers on campus will be closed. Encourage your student to practice their cooking skills and try out some recipes from the Taste of Home Cookbook.
  • If your student lives in the residence halls, here are a few things to keep in mind whether they leave or stay over break.
  • Many departments and services on campus have adjusted hours over spring break. Check the individual department’s website for more information.

Things to do in the Boulder/Denver area

  • Staycation at the Rec is a free weeklong event over spring break at the Rec Center on campus. There will be a variety of free fitness classes, bouldering and ice-skating for your student to enjoy. 
  • Your student can visit attractions on campus like the CU Art Museum, which encourages students to exchange ideas, inspire collaboration, foster compassion, fuel imagination, and transcend boundaries. Check out the current exhibits which are on display, Documenting Change: Our Climate, the Rockies and Documenting Change: Our Climate (Past, Preset, Future).
  • Colorado has plenty of warm and sunny days, even if there’s snow on the ground! Encourage your student to spend some time outside - they can easily bike around Boulder, take a walk along the Boulder Creek Path or go for a winter hike. They can also check out some popular hiking trails at Chautauqua park.
  • One of the most beautiful mountain towns is just around the corner from Boulder! Your student can easily visit Nederland by bus or enjoy a scenic drive, and while they’re at it, stop in town for some delicious pizza!
  • Spring break is the perfect time to try out some of Boulder’s most popular restaurants without a long wait, like The Buff or The Sink.
  • Your student can use their CollegePass for free bus transit to Denver, where they can visit the Downtown Aquarium, the Denver Zoo, the Denver Mint, various museums or shop the 16th St. Mall. Some museums may offer a discount with a student ID.
  • Among Boulder’s many famous attractions lies the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse . This hand-carved, hand-painted teahouse was created by 40 artisans in several cities of Tajikistan. It was brought to Boulder in pieces and was reassembled to make the Teahouse. Encourage your student to go check out this beautiful masterpiece!