two people talking with coffee

Research the organization

  • Research the company’s size, location, organizational chart, product line, history, top clients and top competitors. Use Handshake, LinkedIn, search engines, business articles or magazines to help you do this.
  • Visit with employers at career fairs and attend networking events to gain an extra edge and insight into the organization.

Prepare questions and responses

  • Prepare examples of previous experience (professional or personal) that demonstrate your strengths and highlight how you are prepared and qualified for the position. Use the STAR method to structure your interview responses to common interview questions.

Practice interviewing

  • After you’ve researched the company and prepared your talking points, schedule a practice interview with a career development advisor or utilize Interview Prep. When you’re done recording through Interview Prep, review your answers and send your interview to family and friends for their input!

Dress appropriately

  • Different employers have different expectations for interview attire. Make sure the clothes you wear reflect your identity and align with context of the job you’re seeking.
  • If you aren’t quite sure how professionals dress in the field you’re interested in, consider asking people in your network or in an informational interview.
  • You can also look at the organization’s website to see how employees are dressed in photos.

Arrive early

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before the interview actually begins.
  • Bring along any necessary additional materials (your list of questions, paper, a pen, copies of your resume, transcripts, references, additional samples of your work, etc.).

Virtual interviews

  • Ensure your technology is working (computer webcam and microphone or telephone connection) in advance of your interview to verify a strong connection and be prepared to join at the scheduled time.
  • Select a space for your interview with good light and no distracting decorations.
  • Consider conducting a practice session with someone else to test the system and to see how your interview space looks.
  • Eliminate any distractions prior to phone and video interviews including phones, music, pets and other people.
  • Mute any notifications on your device to eliminate other noise during your interview.

Follow up

  • Write a thank you note. Reinforce why you are a good fit, address any concerns or hesitations that arose, and emphasize that you are still interested in the position.