Data and Statistics

OIEC handles all complaints of sexual misconduct, intimate partner abuse (including dating and domestic violence), stalking, and protected-class discrimination and harassment whether against a student, employee, or third-party.

OIEC will address all complaints of discrimination and harassment for the CU Boulder campus using the methods described in OIEC's Resolution Procedures. OIEC utilizes fair and unbiased processes, and treats all individuals who seek our assistance with respect and dignity.

University Records and Reports to OIEC

CU does not include personally identifiable information in publically available records (such as OIEC annual statistical reports or the Clery report), keeps information about assistance and adjudications confidential to the greatest extent possible, and only shares information with other university employees who have a legitimate need to know.

All records, reports and investigative evidence maintained by OIEC shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed publicly except to the extent required by law. Student records and information are confidential and protected from disclosure pursuant to federal law and OIEC will not disclose student records or information to any entity or person outside the university without proper written authorization from the student, a court order, subpoena, or as otherwise required by law or authorized government agency.

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