The University of Colorado Boulder is proud to be partnering with the Institute of International Education (IIE) on its Generation Study Abroad initiative. According to the Open Doors Report on International and Educational Exchange, 295,000 American college students studied abroad in 2011/12 in credit-bearing and non-credit programs. While that may sound like a lot, it in fact represents less than 10% of the 2.6 million students graduating with associates or baccalaureate degrees each year.

Generation Study Abroad is a five-year initiative of the Institute of International Education (IIE) that seeks to address that shortfall by bringing employers, governments, associations, and others together to build on current best practices and find new ways to extend education abroad opportunities to tens of thousands of college students for whom traditional study abroad programs aren’t working.  

The Education Abroad section of CU Boulder's Office of International Education leads the implementation CU Boulder's commitment to double the number of CU Boulder students who participate in an international educational experience by 2020.

To help meet the national goal, CU Boulder pledges to:

  • increase program access to traditionally underrepresented students
  • support academic units across campus as they develop their own initiatives
  • engage students early in their academic careers
  • increase the visibility of international education opportunities including study abroad programs, international service-learning, internships and research

For more information on this initiative and CU Boulder's part in it, please see the following resources:

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