Results from EDGES High-Band: II. Constraints on Parameters of Early Galaxies

June 20, 2018

R. Monsalve, B. Greig, J. Bowman, A. Mesinger, A. Rogers, T. Mozdzen, N. Kern, N. Mahesh

Quantifying operational constraints of low-latency telerobotics for planetary surface operations

June 18, 2018

Benjamin J. Mellinkoff, Matthew M. Spydell, Wendy Bailey, Jack O. Burns

Science on the lunar surface facilitated by low latency telerobotics from a Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway

April 21, 2018

Jack O. Burns, Benjamin Mellinkoff, Matthew Spydell, Terrence Fong, David A. Kring, William D. Pratt, Timothy Cichan, Christine M. Edwards

URSI Commission J Newsletter Activities Spotlight: Low Radio Frequency Astronomy Opportunities from Space

April 1, 2018

David Rapetti and Jack Burns

The American Space Exploration Narrative from the Cold War through the Obama Administration

March 29, 2018

Dora Holland, Jack O. Burns

Magnetic Fields of Extrasolar Planets: Planetary Interiors and Habitability

March 17, 2018

J. Lazio, G. Hallinan, V. Airapetian, D. A. Brain, C. F. Dong, P. E. Driscoll, J.-M. Griessmeier, W. M. Farrell, J. C. Kasper, T. Murphy, L. A. Rogers, A. Wolszczan, P. Zarka, M. Knapp, C. R. Lynch, J.D. Turner

What Does the First Highly-redshifted 21-cm Detection Tell us about Early Galaxies?

March 8, 2018

Jordan Mirocha, Steven R. Furlanetto

Life Beyond the Solar System: Space Weather and Its Impact on Habitable Worlds

Jan. 16, 2018

V. S. Airapetian, W. C. Danchi, C. F. Dong, S. Rugheimer, M. Mlynczak, K. B. Stevenson, W. G. Henning, J. L. Grenfell, M. Jin, A. Glocer, G. Gronoff, B. Lynch, C. Johnstone, T. Lueftinger, M. Guedel, K. Kobayashi, A. Fahrenbach, G. Hallinan, V. Stamenkovic, O. Cohen, W. Kuang, B. van der Holst, C. Manchester, G. Zank, O. Verkhoglyadova, J. Sojka, H. Maehara, Y. Notsu, Y. Yamashiki, K. France, M. Lopez Puertas, B. Funke, C. Jackman, C. Kay, D. Leisawitz, D. Alexander

A Simultaneous Search for Prompt Radio Emission associated with the Short GRB 170112A using the All-sky Imaging Capability of the OVRO-LWA

Nov. 17, 2017

Marin M. Anderson, Gregg Hallinan, Michael W. Eastwood, Ryan M. Monroe, Harish K. Vedantham, Stephen Bourke, Lincoln J. Greenhill, Jonathon Kocz, T. Joseph W. Lazio, Danny C. Price, Frank K. Schinzel, Yuankun Wang, David P. Woody

Global 21cm Signal Extraction from Foreground and Instrumental Effects I: Pattern Recognition Framework for Separation using Training Sets

Nov. 8, 2017

Keith Tauscher, David Rapetti, Jack O. Burns, Eric R. Switzer