Formulating and critically examining the assumptions of global 21-cm signal analyses: How to avoid the false troughs that can appear in single spectrum fits

June 5, 2020

Keith Tauscher, David Rapetti, Jack O. Burns

A Methodology to Assess the Human Factors Associated with Lunar Teleoperated Assembly Tasks

May 16, 2020

Arun Kumar, Mason Bell, Benjamin Mellinkoff, Alex Sandoval, Wendy Bailey Martin, Jack Burns

Transformative Science from the Lunar Farside: Observations of the Dark Ages and Exoplanetary Systems at Low Radio Frequencies

March 15, 2020

Jack O. Burns

Global 21-cm signal extraction from foreground and instrumental effects III: Utilizing drift-scan time dependence and full Stokes measurements

March 11, 2020

Keith Tauscher, David Rapetti, Jack O. Burns

Characterizing the Radio Quiet Region Behind the Lunar Farside for Low Radio Frequency Experiments

March 6, 2020

Neil Bassett, David Rapetti, Jack O. Burns, Keith Tauscher, Robert MacDowall

Global 21-cm Signal Extraction from Foreground and Instrumental Effects II: Efficient and Self-Consistent Technique for Constraining Nonlinear Signal Models

Dec. 6, 2019

David Rapetti, Keith Tauscher, Jordan Mirocha, Jack O. Burns

NASA Probe Study Report: Farside Array for Radio Science Investigations of the Dark ages and Exoplanets (FARSIDE)

Nov. 20, 2019

Jack O. Burns, Gregg Hallinan, Jim Lux, Lawrence Teitelbaum, Jonathon Kocz, Robert MacDowall, Richard Bradley, David Rapetti, Wenbo Wu, Steven Furlanetto, Alex Austin, Andres Romero-Wolf, Tzu-Ching Chang, Judd Bowman, Justin Kasper, Marin Anderson, Zhongwen Zhen, Jonathan Pober, Jordan Mirocha

The Effects of Population III X-ray and Radio Backgrounds on the Cosmological 21-cm Signal

Oct. 22, 2019

Richard H. Mebane, Jordan Mirocha, Steven R. Furlanetto

Peering into the Dark (Ages) with Low-Frequency Space Interferometers

Aug. 12, 2019

Contact Scientist: Prof. dr. L.V.E. (Léon) Koopmans

Discovering the Sky at the Longest Wavelengths with Small Satellite Constellations

July 25, 2019

Xuelei Chen, Jack Burns, Leon Koopmans, Hanna Rothkaehi, Joseph Silk, Ji Wu, Albert-Jan Boonstra, Baptiste Cecconi, Cynthia H. Chiang, Linjie Chen, Li Deng, Maurizio Falanga, Heino Falcke, Quanlin Fan, Guangyou Fang, Anastasia Fialkov, Leonid Gurvits, Yicai Ji, Justin C. Kasper, Kejia Li, Yi Mao, Benjamin Mckinley, Raul Monsalve, Jeffery B. Peterson, Jinsong Ping, Ravi Subrahmanyan, Harish Vedantham, Marc Klein Wolt, Fengquan Wu, Yidong Xu, Jingye Yan, Bin Yue