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MarmotColorado provides a unique and exciting landscape for exploring the natural history of Rocky Mountain wildlife. In this field oriented course, we will use both lectures and hikes to study the classification, distribution, behavior, physiology and ecology of Colorado vertebrates, evolution of the Rocky Mountain vertebrate fauna, and threats to mammalian biodiversity.

In the field we will use various methods to study animals, including live trapping, behavioral observation, and recognition of mammal sign and tracks. There will be 1-day overnight, required field trip. Classes will begin in the early morning and continue until late afternoon.

Instructor: Dr. Joe Merritt, Illinois Natural History Survey
Location: Mountain Research Station and surrounding areas
Dates & Times: N/A
Credit: 3 credit hours in biology (EBIO 4100)
Tuition: $N/A (Includes room in a 2-person rustic cabin and all meals at the Mountain Research Station on days when class is in session)

Prerequisite: One year course work in general biology.

Prerequisite:  All students will be required to take "Animal Care and Use Training" before the first day of class.  Training is on-line and takes 2-3 hours.  Training is required to do any animal handling.  Additional required training, Health and Occupational Safety training will be provided on the first day of class.  Instructions on accessing on-line training will be e-mailed several weeks before class.

For More Information:

Course Syllabus (pdf)

Dr. Joe Merritt
University of Illinois

Questions about staying at the Mountain Research Station during your course?  See our Guide to Visiting and Living at the Station.

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