Summer 2024

6 weeks total:  June 17-28 (@ Mountain Research Station) & (3 weeks online - independent portfolio)

The Field School is a 6-credit, 6-week intensive field arts program available each summer. The structure is 3-weeks of on-site fieldwork followed by 3-weeks of asynchronous online work and reflection. The program puts students in touch with various landscapes and is focused on teaching site and context-based approaches to art creation. The Field School is designed as an experiential course, meaning that students learn about places and context through being in the field and making artwork on-site. While living and working in the field, students create and discuss various approaches to art making with environments such as prairies, forests and waterways. Students may explore many mediums including: writing, photography, sculpture, drawing and video and sound recording. Topics that are discussed and of which students work with in this course are: nature and process; ecology; conservation; highways and byways; non-urban phenomenology; climate change; borderlands; pastoralism; wayfaring; waterways; pilgrimages; colonialism; ownership and identity; agriculture; cultural representation; reconciliation; idealized and ignored landscapes; and geomorphology. The 2024 session will travel to the Kansas State University Konza Prairie Biological Field Station, the University of Nebraska Cedar Point Biological Station and the Mountain Research Station at the University of Colorado. Please note this course is off-campus and involves out-of-state travel. A signed university waiver and active health insurance is required. 

Instructors:  Aaron Treher 
Location:  Mountain Research Station, Nederland CO
Dates & Times:  Mondays-Fridays , (no class on Juneteenth, Wed June 19th)
Credit:  6 credit hours in art (ARTS 4444/5444)
Tuition: $4,000.00 

Course Syllabus (pdf)

For more information on the course please contact:

Field School Faculty Director:
Richard Saxton

Aaron Treher

Kelly Yarbrough

Questions about staying at the Mountain Research Station during your course?  See our Guide to Visiting and Living at the Station.


To Register: 

CU degree students may simply search for ARTS 4444/5444 (screenshot below) and register online via the Buff portal.

Make sure you are searching “Boulder Continuing Education”

Please review the Syllabus , understanding that this is a residential field program for 3-weeks.


For non-degree/1st-time students, or students transferring credits to other universities, please follow the below link and fill out a Summer 2023 Enrollment Application.