Field courses are designed to provide students a hands on field research experience. Enrollment is low and each course emphasizes informal interaction with the instructors and fellow students. Course credit is readily transferable to other institutions and meets the application requirement for CU's Environmental Studies program.

2018 Winter Course Offerings: CLOSED TO RESERVATIONS

  • 2018 Winter Ecology- Jan 17th - Feb 24th,1 lecture per week at Boulder Campus and 6 weekends at the MRS.  Tuition: $1750

2018 Summer Offerings: OPEN FOR RESERVATIONS

Register today, class sizes are limited to 15 people!  Tuition for summer courses includes rustic lodging (shared 2 person cabins) and all meals at the MRS dining hall.

  • FULL / reservations closed; Mammalogy - June 11th -June 28th.  2018 Tuition: $2100
  • ONLINE REG CLOSED, E-MAIL IF INTERESTED - July 5th - July 24th.  2018 Tuition: $2100 (Students with a date conflict due to overlap with the end of Summer Term A can ask for accommodation from the instructors (contact Dr. Tim Kittel,
  • Lake and Stream Ecology - July 23rd - Aug 9th.  2018 Tuition: $2100