These students have chosen to be profiled on our website.


White male smiling, with dark background Bryan Bei
MS Civil Engineering - Civil Infrastructure Systems - WASH
Jon with white background Jonathan Berry
MS Civil Engineering
Katherine with ocean view in background Katherine Chambers
PhD Environmental Engineering - Sanitation in Post-Disaster Contexts
Lucy smiling, wearing dark shirt and with grey background Lucy Cheadle
MS Environmental Engineering - Air Quality
Scott in suit and tie Scott Gregory
MS Civil Engineering - Construction
young man in green shirt with black jacket Ben Greiner
BS/MS Environmental Engineering - Water Treatment Using Biochar
James in a white shirt and tie with trees in the background James Harper PE
PhD Civil Engineering - Civil Infrastructure Systems - Human Preferences and Improved Sanitation System Sustainability
Michael with fall colors in background Michael LaDue
MS Environmental Engineering
Kaitlin with orange shirt and earrings and necklace Kaitlin Mattos
MS Environmental Engineering
Brendon in suit and tie Brendon McNally
MS Civil Engineering
Aaron in a suit and tie Aaron Opdyke
PhD Civil Engineering - Construction Engineering & Management - Humanitarian Shelter and Post-Disaster Recovery
Shaye with green shirt and lake in background Shaye Palagi
PhD Civil Engineering - Civil Infrastructure Systems - Decision Processes for Risk Reduction in Post-Disaster Relocation Planning & Construction
young man in blue shirt and black tie with brown hair Michael Reinisch
MS Environmental Engineering
White woman with dark hair and glasses, smiling. Wearing v-neck patterned shirt Amber Schrum, MS Student
Elected Student Representative to MCEDC Leadership Team, 2017-2018
Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering