Learn more about some of our students, their backgrounds, the degrees they are pursuing and their interests. 



Woman in red cap and gown holding a diploma
Claudine Bahamba
Online Graduate Certificate Program
Woman with long brown hair and swooped bangs smiling in a black suit jacket
Rebecca Beswick
Chemical Engineering
Man in blue button up and black jacket smiling with the sun hitting his face
Arnold Bugingo
Online Graduate Certificate Program
A headshot of a person with medium length light brown hair wearing glasses smiling at the camera
Briana Clark
Civil Engineering
Woman with brown, armpit length hair in a white sweater and red plaid scarf
Jessica Darby
Civil Engineering
Man in red shirt standing in front of a mountain landscape
John Edem Ecklu
Environmental Engineering
Portrait of Katie Fankhauser
Katie Fankhauser
Environmental Engineering
Woman with mid-length curled brown hair in a flowery dress with purple foliage in the background
Jeanette Felmlee-Gartner
Civil Systems
Woman with long, wavy hair wearing a white shirt and pearl necklace while smiling
Megan Fitzpatrick
Environmental Engineering
Headshot of Victor Galotti
Victor Galotti
Civil Engineering
Rachel Geiger headshot
Rachel Geiger
Civil Engineering
Student standing in graduation cap and gown with a red sash
Benjamin Gomado
Online Graduate Certificate Program
Man with groomed stubble and brown hair in a suit with a red and black plaid tie
Ben Greaves
Aerospace Engineering
A picture of a person with blonde curly shoulder-length hair smiling at the camera standing outside
Nadia Jorgenson
Environmental Engineering
Smiling portrait of Kathleen Kirsch wearing floral professional clothing
Kathleen Kirsch
Environmental Engineering
Woman with long brown hair in a white summery dress and a black graduation gown with mountains in the background
Whitney Knopp
Environmental Engineering
Student in a blue shirt facing the camera standing in front of a wall and some trees
Fatma Köroğlu
Environmental Engineering
Woman with long black hair smiling in a green-grey parka
Varnitha Kurli
Public Policy Methodology and Environmental Engineering
A headshot of a person with short brown hair smiling at the camera wearing a plaid button down shirt standing outside
Matt O'Malley
Online Graduate Certificate Program
Emma Payne outside by a tree
Emma Payne
Environmental Engineering
Headshot of William Seites-Rundlett
William Seites-Rundlett
Civil Systems
Ilham Siddiq headshot
Ilham Siddiq
Civil Systems
Emma Stine headshot
Emma Stine
Civil Systems
Headshot of a Student wearing black glasses and a button down shirt with pink and yellow motorcycles and palm trees on it
Kennedy Wangui
Online Graduate Certificate Program
Portrait of Emma Wells wearing a green sweater, smiling in front of foliage
Emma Wells
Environmental Engineering