We aspire to train engineers who, upon graduation, should be able to provide technical expertise to development agencies or other organizations in a manner that recognizes the various technical and non-technical facets of community development that lead to sustainable solutions.

For students in the Professional Master of Science degree with an emphasis in Global Engineering, the expected outcome is for graduates to have learned about the various project scales and professional skills that are vital for engineering in development contexts. These students will be expected to demonstrate competence in a breadth of skills including data analysis, project management, and systems thinking as well as the body of knowledge gained from their option area and the graduate certificate in Global Engineering.

For students in the Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programs, the graduate certificate in Global Engineering exposes engineers to human development issues.  These students will delve into their primary disciplinary (or interdisciplinary) area to become further experts in that field, while gaining a basic understanding about the professional skills and broader perspective necessary to work in those disciplines within a development context. In addition, these students are expected to become skilled researchers able to apply their knowledge in theoretical and applied settings.

At the undergraduate level, we work to expand students' perspectives to recognize that all engineering is global engineering and that everyone should expect to work in a global context whether that is with a multicultural team in a domestic setting or working abroad. The undergraduate certificate and minor in Global Engineering allows students to delve into various scales of what it means to be a global engineer--from the macro view to the micro (personal) view. The intended outcome for these students is to be prepared as a so-called "T" engineer with both technical depth and broad professional skills that allow the flexibility to practice engineering in a global context.