Mike Yarus
Professor Emeritus
Molecular Cellular & Developmental Biology

Porter Room B413B

This laboratory has engaged in three major types of scientific work:

  • 1. On the fundamental reactions of the translational apparatus, and the roles of particular tRNA and mRNA sequences in translational efficiency and accuracy.
  • 2. On the selection of particular RNA structures with binding or catalytic activity, and the relation of those activities to the origin of the genetic code, or translation in a larger sense.
  • 3. On the nature of RNA affinity for phospholipid bilayers and on the role of such membrane RNAs in biology.

Selected Publications

On translation by RNAs alone.
Yarus, M Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol, 66:207-15. 2001

RNA-catalyzed amino acid activation.
Kumar, RK and Yarus, M Biochemistry, 40(24):6998-7004. 2001

Simple, recurring RNA binding sites for L-arginine.
Janas, T, Widmann, JJ, Knight, R, and Yarus, M RNA, 16(4):805-16. 2010

Multiple translational products from a five-nucleotide ribozyme.
Turk, RM, Chumachenko, NV, and Yarus, M Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 107(10):4585-9. 2010

RNA-amino acid binding: a stereochemical era for the genetic code.
Yarus, M, Widmann, JJ, and Knight, R J Mol Evol, 69(5):406-29. 2009

A membrane transporter for tryptophan composed of RNA.
Janas, T, Janas, T, and Yarus, M RNA, 10(10):1541-9. 2004

Selection of the simplest RNA that binds isoleucine.
Lozupone, C, Changayil, S, Majerfeld, I, and Yarus, M RNA, 9(11):1315-22. 2003

Acyl-CoAs from coenzyme ribozymes.
Jadhav, VR and Yarus, M Biochemistry, 41(3):723-9. 2002

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