The MCDB Graduate Student Symposium is a biennial event held since 1979 that brings together leading researchers in both academic fields and cutting-edge biotechnology enterprises for a day of stimulating talks and interaction between members of the national and local scientific communities. The symposium is entirely student-organized, and as such, all the planning and fundraising is conducted solely by graduate students.

The most recent symposium:

Titled: "From the headlines to the lab: how emerging issues steer research."

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Past MCDB Graduate Student Symposia:

  • 2019 From the headlines to the lab: how emerging issues steer research
  • 2017 Novel Model Systems: How synthetic biology, organoids, and novel model systems are advancing biology
  • 2015 Emerging Technologies: Innovative approaches and applications in molecular and cellular biology
  • 2012 Translational Science and Medicine
  • 2010 Neuroscience
  • 2008 Infectious Disease and Host-Pathogen Interactions
  • 2006 Stem Cell Biology
  • 2004 Cancer Biology
  • 2002 Genomics and Beyond: DNA tells all?
  • 2000 Astrobiology: Life in the Universe
  • 1999 Programmed Cell Death: Making a Graceful Exit
  • 1998 The Molecular Mechanisms of Cellular Motility
  • 1997 Chromatin Structure and Gene Expression: Beyond the Double Helix
  • 1996 Pattern and Polarity: Establishing Difference in Development
  • 1995 Self vs. Non-Self: Modes of Organismal Recognition
  • 1994 The Human Genome
  • 1993 The Self-Wiring Machine: Development and Functional Organ Systems
  • 1992 Evolution from the inside
  • 1991 Zen and the Art of Cell Cycle Maintenance
  • 1989 Pathogen Strategies: Evasion and Suppression of the Immune System Extraterrestrial Biology
  • 1987 Sex Determination
  • 1985 The Role of Complex Carbohydrates in Cellular Function
  • 1984 Contemporary Research in Plant Biology
  • 1983 Evolution: Shaping Molecules, Microbes, and Complex Organisms
  • 1981 The Accuracy of Biological Processes
  • 1980 Cell Motility
  • 1979 Membranes