Studying Squiggly Squiggles

Supervisor:  Dr. Cracked Pot

Timeline:  Students will work 5 hrs/week during one semester of 2037-2038 academic year.  This is a paid position generously supported by UROP.

Students:  A team of 4 students each semester.


Squiggly squiggles are not the topic of any actual project.  This is just a mockup.  But if they were, they would be central to all of mathematics and have applications to quantum computing, cryptography, particle physics and daytime television.

Application:  Due August 10th for Fall 2037.  We are seeking applicants with both technical skills and mathematical/statistical skills.  Math 2001 is a pre-requisite.  An application consists of:

  • a personal statement about how your skills and interests fit the project, including any ideas you may have about squiggly squiggles
  • a brief easily readable CV showing:
    • math/stats classes taken (with grades)
    • programming and computer skills/experience (include links if applicable)
    • design/art/making skills/experience (include links if applicable)
    • teamwork/leadership/outreach experience
  • a statement of your scheduling availability during Fall 2037 (basic weekly schedule if known; credit hour load and other job hour load)
  • please attach your transcript

Please email these materials to with subject line including the term "SQUIGGLY".