Rojana Savoye

Senior House Manager Rojana Savoye named 2023 Chancellor’s Employee of the Year!

Nov. 9, 2023

Philip Bologna

Bus Driver Hits The Right Note (video)

Jan. 28, 2016

Every so often, when his passengers get particularly unruly, First Student bus driver Philip Bologna uses a unique method to try to quiet the agitation: He bursts into song. Bologna's is no ordinary voice. At one time in his life, he was heard in opera houses and theaters across the...


In 1965, it was a myth that Rock 'n Roll was a fad for teenagers

May 26, 2015

You heard right. In 1965 it was a truism that Rock 'n Roll belonged in the realm of the young. Time magazine despells the myth: "The stereotype of the old fogey who hates all that noise turned out not to be true. Even the too-cool-for-pop-music college kids who flocked to...

girl with hands to ears

Did you know? Chewing gum gets rid of that song stuck in your head

May 18, 2015

Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain mentioned the phenomenon. An earworm as it is called, can be removed by chewing gum . Did they have chewing gum in the 19th century? You bet. Recently archaeologist found three wads of 9000-year-old chewed birch resin on the Swedish island of Orust.

Sign: I Need Tickets

FAQ: How do I purchase tickets in advance?

Nov. 24, 2014

Macky Auditorium is mostly a rental venue, and would only offer ticketing services to those events that may not have a dedicated ticketing service or are promoted directly by Macky Auditorium. Examples of those are events organized by independent promoters or university sponsors like the Distinguished Speaker Board or the...