If you bring a car to campus, you must buy a parking permit. Parking permits will go on sale mid-July.  Cost may vary depending on lot assignment. You can purchase your student parking permit for the upcoming semester and/or academic year online at the CU Boulder Parking and Transportation website. Parking in general is very limited on and around campus.

Consider that with your Student Bus Pass, your own bike (or a Buff Bike, Boulder B-Cycle bike or Semester Rental bike), eGo Carshare cars, the Buff Bus, the Ski Bus, Late Night Transit, the HOP shuttle and the Night Ride program, you may not need to bring a car to campus. Explore your transportation options at Parking and Transportation Services and the Student Environmental Center.


Often items are purchased prior to moving to CU Boulder, but are not needed. We recommend purchasing once you are in Boulder and have determined need, in order to save money and reduce waste. 

Gaming system

If you bring a gaming system, we recommend you use the campus ethernet (wired) Internet and bring an ethernet cable (E5 or better). The Wi-Fi is not optimized for gaming and your experience will be far better with wired. Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes for a system to set up on the network.

Media streaming device

Some streaming devices work better on the campus network than others. Devices that use multicasting won't work.

  • Amazon Fire: limited to video streaming 
  • Apple TV: able to stream video, unable to screencast or mirror (projecting or controlling from another device such as iPad, phone or computer)
  • Google Chromecast: unable to connect to our wireless network
  • Roku, Blu Ray, gaming devices: that stream media should not experience issues on the network

Due to emerging technology and software updates, unfortunately we can't guarantee performance of a certain make/model of media streaming devices.

Small appliances

Bring only UL-approved appliances with self-contained coils and automatic shut-off thermostatic controls (e.g., coffee makers, hot pots, etc.). Most cooking appliances are not permitted. Learn more about what not to bring

Many CU buildings are constructed with sustainable materials, which at times may cause interference with cell phone reception. Enabling wi-fi calling on your cell phone will help ensure you have service in areas with little or no cellular coverage.


If you plan to bring a unmanned aircraft system (UAS or drone) to campus, please make sure that you understand the university’s policies on UAS operations.