The following items are not permitted in the residence halls.

List of what not to bring

Adjustable bed

The residence halls offer beds that easily adjust to three different heights for storage, bunking and lofting. With a loft, a desk or other furniture fits easily under the bed.

Adhesive LED light strips

Adhesive LED light strips use a strong adhesive to adhere to the walls. When removed, it is very common for them to remove large portions of paint from your room walls, resulting in significant damage charges at the end of the year when the lights are removed. To prevent large unexpected charges at move-out, we discourage students from adhering adhesive LED lights to their walls.

Air conditioners and space heaters

Since Boulder's climate is pleasant with low humidity and mild temperatures, personal air conditioners and space heaters are not needed. Regardless, they are not allowed due to their excessive power requirements and fire hazard potential.

Bottled water

Bottled water is permitted in the residence halls, however, we encourage students to bring a refillable water bottle with them instead. Every building on campus (including residence halls) is equipped with a triple-filtered water station, providing unlimited water refills. This helps keep at least one million single-use bottles out of landfills each year!

Candles and beanbag chairs

These are not allowed because they are fire hazards.


The CU Boulder campus is a designated smoke-free environment, including all university residence halls. This includes all residence hall public areas such as lobbies, hallways, lounges, bathrooms and dining facilities, as well as all student rooms and living spaces. Hookahs and water pipes are considered paraphernalia and are not allowed on campus.

Cooking appliances

Appliances not allowed include:

  • toasters
  • toaster ovens
  • air fryers
  • hot plates
  • electric griddles
  • personal microwave ovens
  • barbecues
  • grills of any kind (including George Forman® and similar)
  • additional refrigerators

All electrical appliances must be UL-approved and have automatic shut-off. All rooms are furnished with a microwave/fridge combo, with the exception of apartments. 


The draperies used in the halls meet special fire safety standards and may not be removed. Tapestries/wall hangings/flags larger than 3x3 are considered fire hazards and are not allowed.


Firearms, explosives, incendiary devices, or other weapons, or harmless instruments designed to look like a firearm, explosive, or weapon, are not permitted in the residence halls. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, BB guns, paint ball guns, pellet guns, martial arts equipment, and swords or knives with blades more than 3 inches in length. Violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination of your Housing & Dining Services Contract, and a disciplinary conference with the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, with a likely result of suspension from the university. You must check with the University of Colorado Police Department (303-492-6666) for information about the storage of guns, knives or other weapons.


Most types of fireworks are illegal in the state of Colorado. Absolutely no such incendiary devices are allowed in the residence halls at any time.

Heaters/Halogen lamps/Heat lamps

These are not allowed because they are fire hazards.


Due to the fire danger associated with hoverboards, they are not permitted in residence halls.

Nails or screws

You are not allowed to put holes in the walls, ceilings or floors or construct permanent structures in your room.


Pets are not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds. You may have one 10-gallon aquarium for small aquatic life (turtles and fish) if your roommate(s) agree. Assistance and service animals are permitted with approval via the Disability Accommodation Request process.


Large speakers are not prohibited but we discourage students from bringing them. Not only do they take up valuable space in your room, they can be very disruptive to your neighbors.

If you decide to bring a speaker, please be aware that certain functionality may not work on the campus Wi-Fi network. Sonos speakers are currently unable to connect to the campus network.

Wi-Fi routers

No personal Wi-Fi access points or routers are allowed to be connected to the campus network. All halls are equipped with Wi-Fi access via the campus network. For additional information about the wireless policy, visit the Office of Information Technology site.