Parking Permits

Parking permits are issued by campus Parking and Transportation Services. Your permit is attached to your license plate on your vehicle and costs $30 per month. Please contact Parking Services for permit assistance.

Visitor Parking

Graduate and family housing parking lots have designated two-hour visitor parking spots. If you have visitors staying longer than two hours you will need to get a temporary permit from Parking Services for your guests.

Parking Rules and Regulations

Observe and obey the “No Parking” restrictions in all areas identified with yellow paint. Please do not park in front of the dumpsters.

Parking privileges automatically cease upon termination of occupancy.

Current vehicle registration is required in order to park in university parking lots. The University of Colorado Parking and Transit Services issue tickets for any violations. The parking services office will handle violations of any traffic law or parking regulation. Contact their office at 303-735-7275 with any concerns about tickets or towing.

Motorcycles must be parked in designated areas of the parking lots only. All trailers or nonmotorized vehicles must be parked in the overflow lots. Motorized vehicles are not to be taken into apartments, parked at entrances, on the grass or on patios. Please drive safely in the family housing area. Many children live in the area so please be aware when driving.

Please stay off the lawn. Do not drive vehicles on the sidewalk, lawn or university property at any time—you may damage lawns, sprinkler heads and/or create a danger to children in the area. Doing so will result in a $200 fine. You are responsible for any charges for damages associated with destruction caused in this way.