Hall Director
Residence Life

Nikki Hutchinson [She/Her] is a Residence Hall Director in Bear Creek. One of Nikki’s favorite aspects of the HD role, in addition to the eclectic job responsibilities, is supporting her students [residents & staff] and being a part of their journey. Nikki was born and raised in Connecticut and moved to Colorado in August 2016. To help with the transition from family and friends, Nikki adopted a fluff named Luna, an Australian Shepherd Mix, with ton of energy. Nikki is a self-proclaimed extroverted introvert who is always seeking the “silver lining” in any situation. Nikki enjoys listening to music, reading books, journal writing, midnight drives and going to the movies! Her top love languages are quality time and words of affirmation and her top 5 strengths are adaptability, harmony, empathy, positivity, and restorative. Nikki values vulnerability, consistency, creativity, humor and spontaneity.