Attach a 1‐2 page double‐spaced statement of purpose that gives the following information: 1) If you are applying for fieldwork‐ or data‐collection support, explain your goal, the scope of your project, your methods and how your effort relates to your thesis topic. 2) If you are applying for travel funds to give a paper at a conference, describe the conference, how participation will contribute to your professional development and your paper (stating the problem, your hypothesis, and the paper’s contribution to the state of the art). Paste both your abstract and letter of acceptance into the statement of purpose. 3) In either case, indicate whether you have been awarded or applied for funds for this project from another funding source. If so, indicate how much money you have requested or received from that source.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.

Travel Arrangement Guidelines 

Department contact: Linda Park

Airline Ticket 

You may purchase your ticket on the internet for both domestic and international travel. Upon return from trip, please turn in airfare receipt. The receipt must show your name and proof of payment, such as the last 4 digits of your credit card or a $0 balance. 

If the cost of airfare is not more than Department award, it is possible for the Department to purchase the airfare before travel through Christopherson Business Travel (with an additional $20 fee). 

Grant funded international travel is required to follow the ‘Fly America Act’ guidelines regarding booking travel on American owned airline companies. If needed, you can use the University travel agent, Christopherson Business Travel, Toll Free, 1‐855‐462‐8885, Local, 303‐694‐8744. If you choose to use the travel agent, please work with Linda Park to submit a travel request form.

Conference Registration

It is possible to have your conference registration paid directly by the Department with the Department purchasing card. 


All hotel reimbursements must be in your name and your hotel invoice must show either a zero balance or be marked “Paid.” 


The University has per diem rates to be used for food. 


These costs include ground transportation and baggage fees. 

All receipts must be itemized and show proof of payment. If the charge is under $25, no receipt is required.