This track focuses on the role of language in social life.  Students in the SAIL track will be introduced to a variety of theories and methods for analyzing language in diverse sociocultural, anthropological, and interactional contexts.  Coursework will promote familiarity with longstanding research traditions focused on the relationship between language and society, including sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, conversation analysis, and other forms of socially oriented discourse analysis.

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The current linguistics major (general track) requires 15 credits of LING electives (9 at the upper division level). Students declaring the SAIL sub-plan will also complete 15 credits of LING electives (9 at the upper division level); however, they must select 12 of these credits from the set of SAIL-related courses below.  For the remaining 3 elective credits, students can choose any LING course that is applicable to the general LING track.

  • LING 1000: Language in US Society
  • LING 1900: Literacy Practicum
  • LING 2400: Language, Gender, and Sexuality
  • LING/ETHN 2500: Race, Ethnicity, and Language
  • LING 3220: American Indian Languages in their Social and Cultural Context
  • LING 3545: World Language Policies
  • LING 3550: Talk at Work: Language Use in Institutional Contexts
  • LING 3800: Language and Digital Media [when offered]
  • LING 3800: Language and Politics [when offered]
  • LING 3800: Language Discrimination in Social Interaction [when offered]
  • LING/JPNS 4050: Japanese Sociolinguistics: Japanese Language and Society
  • LING 4700: Conversational Analysis and Interactional Linguistics
  • LING/ANTH 4800: Language and Culture