LING majors and potential majors should consult Arts and Sciences staff advisor Deanna Fierman concerning Arts and Science requirements, MAPS deficiencies, Core requirements outside of Linguistics and graduation packets. You must see the staff advisor to declare the major. Go to the Arts and Sciences Advising Center website to make an appointment with the staff advisor. For advice about structuring the major according to your specific interests, consult with a LING faculty member of your choice. Once you have declared the major, you should meet with a LING faculty member when selecting your courses for the upcoming semester. You may meet with any faculty member whose office hours are convenient for you. Thereafter, you will be required to meet with a LING faculty member during the registration periods of your junior and senior years (in other words, starting at the end of your sophomore year).

Prerequisites for the Major

There are no formal prerequisites for lower-division courses in Linguistics or for declaring the major or minor. However, potential majors and minors are strongly advised to take LING 2000: Introduction to Linguistics prior to declaring the major or minor. It is offered in both fall and spring semesters. It is also typically offered as a summer session course.