CLASIC (Computational Linguistics, Analytics, Search and Informatics) Open House!

April 6, 2018

Come join our celebration of CLASIC (Computational Linguistics, Analytics, Search and Informatics) , our new professional master's program! Check out the program space, meet the faculty and students, and enjoy some light refreshments! Wednesday, May 2nd 3:00-5:00PM Fleming 279 This event is hosted by CLEAR.

Prof. Hall becomes President-elect of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology

Jan. 16, 2018

Prof. Kira Hall is the new President-elect of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology , the flagship organization within the American Anthropological Association for the study of language and social life. Over 250 scholars were in attendance at the November 2017 SLA business meeting in Washington DC to welcome Prof. Hall...

Study abroad in Chengdu, China in Summer 2019!

Dec. 17, 2017

After a successful first trip in Summer of 2017, we are pleased to announce that our TESOL-focused Global Seminar in Chengdu, China will run again in Summer of 2019! This program is organized and directed by our own Dr. Mia Thomas-Ružić , Senior Instructor in the Department of Linguistics at...

Profs. Frajzyngier and Hall receive awards from the College

Dec. 13, 2017

Prof. Zygmunt Frajzyngier has received a College Scholar Award to pursue research in Russia. His study -- An Analysis of Texts of Sino-Russian Idiolects -- will be a collaborative one, as he will be working with professors from Far Eastern Federal University’s Pedagogical School in Ussurijsk, Russia. Congratulations, Zygmunt! Prof...

Prof. Zygmunt Frajzyngier gives a series of international talks

Dec. 8, 2017

Prof. Zygmunt Frajzyngier gave a series of talks across the globe during the Fall 2017 term. These included two keynote presentations: At the University of Sonora's 2017 Seminario de Complejidad Sintáctica (Hermosillo, Mexico), he gave a keynote talk titled "Toward a functional typology of reference systems". At the Linguistic Embodiment...

Laura Michaelis gives keynote on inflectional morphology

Dec. 4, 2017

CU Linguistics Professor Laura A. Michaelis recently gave a keynote address at the biennial Morphology Days conference, held November 22-23 2017 at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Catholic University of Louvain) in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Morphology Days is a biennial international meeting that deals with morphology within different frameworks and from...

Prof. Kira Hall’s work on Trump and “nostalgic racism” featured in Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine

Dec. 4, 2017

Prof. Kira Hall (CU Dept. of Linguistics) and Prof. Donna Goldstein (CU Dept. of Anthropology) were recently featured in this news report by the Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine . Goldstein and Hall are the co-editors of a 2017 peer-review post-election forum, published by HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory ...

Arapaho Language Project featured by CU Research & Innovation Office

Nov. 8, 2017

Professor Andy Cowell and Ph.D. student Irina Wagner were recently featured in an article by the University of Colorado, Boulder's Research & Innovation Office. The article describes their preservation and revitalization work on Arapaho, a highly endangered language of the Great Plains with only about 200 speakers living today. The...

Martha Palmer named Professor of Distinction

July 11, 2017

Dr. Martha Palmer, Professor of Linguistics and Computer Science and Faculty Fellow in the Institute of Cognitive Science, has been named a Professor of Distinction by the College of Arts and Sciences. The honorific title College Professor of Distinction is reserved for scholars and artists of national and international distinction...


CU Beyond Time workshop presentations now available

April 26, 2017

The international, interdisciplinary Beyond TIme Workshop was held on the CU campus April 7-8, 2017. The workshop, jointly sponsored by the CU Department of Linguistics, Institute of Cognitive Science, College of Arts and Sciences, Center for Humanities and Arts and the Vice Chancellor for Research, was a gathering of 15...