Laura Michaelis
Professor and Department Chair

Office: Hellems 292

Laura A. Michaelis is a cognitive-functional syntactician and semanticist specializing in the tense-aspect interface, corpus syntax, syntactic innovation, lexical semantics, aspectual meaning in typological perspective, the discourse-syntax interface, semantic change and Latin syntax and semantics. She is also one of the leading developers of Construction Grammar, a syntactic theory that represents the grammar of a language as a structured inventory of patterns ranging from the highly schematic to the very specific. She is the author (with Jongbok Kim) of a 2020 textbook on Construction Grammar, Syntactic Constructions of English (Cambridge). Her work has appeared in the journals Language, Studies in Language, Journal of LinguisticsLinguistics and Philosophy, Journal of Semantics, Cognition and Cognitive Linguistics. She is one of the founding editors of the interdisciplinary Cambridge University Press journal Language and Cognition. She teaches a range of courses, from graduate-level syntax and semantics to CLAS/LING 1010, a cross-listed undergraduate course on the structure of English words. She has held visiting researcher appointments at UC Berkeley's International Computer Science Institute and Cambridge University. She received a research fellowship from CU's Center for Humanities and Arts in 2014. She received her PhD in Linguistics in 1993 at the University of California, Berkeley. Her thesis, on English past-time reference, was written under the direction of Charles J. Fillmore. She has been a CU Linguistics faculty member since 1993, as well as a Faculty Fellow in the Institute of Cognitive Science.