Congratulations to all of our BA, BA/MA, MA, and PhD graduates of Fall 2020!



Dlair Ali

BA in Linguistics (TESOL emphasis): I would like to express my gratitude to my family and to my professors at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Iris Barks

BA in Linguistics

Leila Browne

BA in Linguistics

Mia Cheatle

BA in Linguistics

Evan Coles-Harris

PhD in Linguistics: Deepest thanks to my advisor, Rebecca Scarborough, and all those in the department who have offered material and moral support during my time here. Thanks also to the four generations of my family that have offered me the love I've needed to come so far.

Anthony Cuff

BA in Linguistics

Skylar Ducker

BA in Linguistics; Minor in Education; Certificate in TESOL: I would like to thank my family for providing for me in these last years and being my biggest supporters. It has been a time of immense growth and learning, and I hope to continue both my education as well as educating others in the future. I am so excited to begin this new chapter of my life, so thank you...

Kelton Jay Hevelone

BA in Linguistics, International affairs, and German Studies; Minor in Italian: I would like to thank first and foremost those scholarship donors, whose generosity has given me the opportunity, means, and time to pursue my degrees. I also owe a large gratitude to my family who has supported me on every step of this journey. I intend on moving to and working in Europe in the future, starting first with...

Kate Howard

BA in Linguistics

Rebecca Lee

MA in Linguistics: Specialization: Cognitive Linguistics, Sociocultural Linguistics, Language & Identity, Semantic Variation, Polysemy, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Construction Grammar, Metaphor

Caeli McCusker

BA in Linguistics (SAIL track) and Japanese; Certificate in Native American and Indigenous Studies: Thanks to my mom for supporting me and to my friends who keep me motivated. Love you all!

Timothy Meier

BA/MA in Linguistics: For now I plan to continue working in my current job (HVAC), but whether or not I end up working in a linguistics field soon, the process of earning my degrees has been very valuable in shaping me as a person and a thinker. I'm immensely grateful to my parents who have encouraged and enabled me to earn this degree. My wonderful wife has been incredibly patient...

John Miller

BA/MA in Linguistics

Hailey Parkey

BA in Linguistics; Minor in German; Certificate in TESOL: I want to thank my parents Andrew and Carrie Parker for always supporting and loving me no matter what.

Sarah Schwallier

BA in Linguistics, Computer Science, and German Studies: Thank you to all of my family and friends who have helped me and encouraged me throughout my life and educational path.

Sophia Six

BA in Linguistics

Tyler Voiles

BA in Linguistics