Literacy Practicum Student Teaching ChildStudents enrolled in LING 1900 volunteer to work with one of our Community Partners. CU student volunteers, or “Buff Buddies,” meet with children and adults in the Boulder community and act as mentors for literacy and language learners. Follow the links below to learn more about our Community Partners as well as the expectations and rewards of being a Buff Buddy!

University Hill Elementary School (New Program!)

Buff Buddies who volunteer with the University Hill program act as mentors to 4th and 5th graders in Uni Hill’s bilingual education program. Volunteers meet with 1-3 students during school hours for one hour per week as they work together on the school’s ‘Rainbow Press’ project, a year-long exercise where students gather their writings together and create an English version and a Spanish version of a book or newspaper. Both English speakers and Spanish speakers are invited to join this program!

Boulder Public Library

The mission of the BoulderReads! program at the Boulder University Library is to help children discover the power and joy of reading. Buff Buddies meet with their elementary school “reading buddy” at the Boulder Library in one-on-one tutorials once a week and create a book that they present together in a celebration at the end of the semester. Read Buff Buddy blogs about this program here and here.

Student-Worker Alliance Program (Swap)

Swap is a student-led organization at CU Boulder that pairs CU student volunteers with campus employees who need assistance speaking, reading, and writing English. Buff Buddies meet with their partners on the CU campus in one-on-one tutorials once a week. Read Buff Buddy blogs about this program here and here.

Family Learning Center (FLC)

Buff Buddies who volunteer with the Family Learning Center gain hands-on experience in tutoring diverse forms of literacy while working with K-12 children and adolescents, many from immigrant families or economically disadvantaged backgrounds. CU student volunteers join FLC’s after school program one day a week to help elementary and middle school students with homework and other academic activities. Read Buff Buddy blogs about this program here and here.

International English Center (IEC) at CU Boulder

Innovative programming; outstanding academic, immigration, and support services; and engaging cultural experiences have consistently made the International English Center (IEC) one of the top destinations for English language study in the United States. Established in 1975, the IEC provides high-quality English language training and cultural programming for youth, high school, pre-collegiate, pre-graduate, and degree students, working professionals, and members of the Boulder community. Programs integrate cutting-edge teaching practices and experiential learning. Courses are offered in traditional, and online formats.

Emily Griffiths Technical College (EGTC)

Every year, Emily Griffiths Technical College hosts more than 1,400 students from 85 different countries, speaking 66 different languages. They offer Pre-Academic and Community English (PACE) classes. Some of their immigrant and refugee-background adult learners are characterized by experiences of interrupted formal education and emerging first language literacy. CU student volunteers will participate remotely with students via Zoom to cultivate critical oral language skills that promote literacy development. Opportunities for collaborations in person will depend on participants' availability and mobility.