The Buff Buddy Program at University Hill Elementary School pairs Literacy Practicum volunteers with 4th and 5th graders in Uni Hill’s bilingual education program. Volunteers meet with 1-3 students during school hours for one hour per week as they work together on the school’s ‘Rainbow Press’ project, a year-long exercise where students gather their writings together and create an English version and a Spanish version of a book or newspaper. Both English speakers and Spanish speakers are invited to join this program.

After attending an orientation during the second week of classes, each of our Buff Buddies will visit the school for approximately one hour each week throughout the semester to work with 1-3 students. The specific times for these visits will be announced early in the semester. The school is conveniently located across from the main CU campus off of Broadway at 956 16th Street. This is a unique opportunity for CU Boulder students to make a huge difference in the lives of young readers and language learners. Please consider supporting this exciting new program by signing up as a Buff Buddy!

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