Buff Buddies who volunteer with the Family Learning Center gain hands-on experience in tutoring diverse forms of literacy while working with K-12 children and adolescents, many from immigrant families or economically disadvantaged backgrounds. CU student volunteers join FLC’s after school program one day a week to help elementary and middle school students with homework and other academic activities. Read Buff Buddy blogs about this program here and here.

Volunteers for this program can choose which age group they would like to work with: pre-K, elementary, middle school, or high school. Most of our Ling 1900 students choose to work with the after-school program, helping students complete assignments or study subjects that are difficult for them. Work is done in a group setting, so LING 1900 students will meet different students every week. Structured activities are often followed by less organized play, which LING 1900 students also enjoy.

After an initial training session (the time of which is arranged by the CU student volunteer), meetings occur for approximately two hours once a week. All of these meetings take place at the Family Learning Center at 3164 34th Street in Boulder. We hope you will consider joining this inspirational program!