Arapaho and Goldminers

An Arapaho camp at the site of Denver, Colorado during the time of the early gold rush, looking towards the site of modern Boulder, Colorado.

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The 54th Algonquian Conference will be held in Boulder, CO on Oct. 20-23, 2022. The conference will tentatively begin on the 20th with an evening special session, and then run all day Friday October 21 and Saturday October 22, as well at part of the day on Sunday October 23. It will be held on the CU campus at the University of Colorado Law School.

As decided at the last Algonquian Conference, there will be a special theme for the 54th Conference: the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, 2022-32, and how the Algonquian language community can respond to, influence, and benefit from this ten-year opportunity. Two plenary speakers (to be announced as soon as finalized) will be invited specifically to address this issue, from broader legal, political and other perspectives that will complement work in language documentation, study, maintenance and revitalization, and there will also be special panels on this topic. Both US and Canadian political and legal landscapes will be addressed, as well as potential international cooperation.

Also as decided last time, this conference will be an in-person event, though provision will be made for remote attendance and presentations as well, via Zoom, for at least some sessions.

Please contact the conference organizer, Dr. Andrew Cowell, at cowellj at colorado dot edu for any questions.

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