Published: March 16, 2023
Graphic showing Dr. Rai Farrelly and information about her book release

This month, TESOL Press released the second edition of Dr. Rai Farrelly's co-authored book Fostering International Student Success in Higher Education - a co-publication with NAFSA. This second edition has elevated the focus on learners as assets, increasing access to content and learning outcomes, DEIA initiatives, and ethical, antiracist practices.

The book was written with non-TESOL faculty in mind. It provides a lively, informative discussion that answers the questions instructors commonly ask when seeking to ensure success for international students using English as an additional language: What do I do to help students be successful in U.S. academic culture? How can I ensure that the content for my course is comprehensible to students who are still learning English? How do I design assignments and assessments that are fair while still acknowledging the difficulty of doing academic work in a second or foreign language? How might I treat international students as a linguistic and cultural asset in the classroom, and help them to become institutionally integrated? 

The book is a great resource for use by departments and centers for teaching and learning that are offering continuing professional development to faculty. In addition to the discussions, anecdotes, and reflective moments in the book, there is a companion website which provides additional resources and learning opportunities for readers.