Published: Oct. 28, 2022

54th_algonquian_conferenceThe 54th Algonquian Conference was held Oct. 20-23, 2022 on the CU campus, at the University of Colorado Law School. The special theme for the 54th Conference was the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, 2022-2032, and how the Algonquian language community can respond to, influence, and benefit from this ten-year opportunity. Special keynote speakers, Aleksei Tsykarev, of the UN Permanent Forum on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; Ben Barnes, Chief of the Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma; and Paul John Murdoch, a native Cree lawyer, were invited specifically to address this issue, from broader legal, political, and other perspectives that compliment language documentation, study, maintenance, and revitalization, and with special panels on this topic. Both US and Canadian political and legal landscapes were addressed, as well as potential international cooperation.

The conference was held as an in-person event, though provisions were made for remote attendance and presentations via Zoom, for some sessions. Contact Professor Andy Cowell for additional information about the conference at

Please refer to the Program for detailed information.