Published: Sept. 16, 2022

This is Their Land The short film This is Their Land was selected for the 10th Annual Klamath Independent Film Festival 2022 and premiered Saturday (9/17) at the Ross Ragland Theater in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The film provides a narrative retelling of Modoc leader Captain Jack's efforts with the United States Peace Commission during the Modoc War. CU LInguistics and Ethnic Studies Visiting Assistant Professor Joseph Dupris (Modoc) was a language collaborator during the scripting and shooting of this film and provided coaching when filming onsite at the historic site of the war, Lava Beds National Monument, in northeastern California. He will participate in the Q&A between the Modoc Nation documentary and the short film premiere. This is Their Land is the first film to be scripted and shot in Modoc and English languages.

Short Film Trailer (Instagram):

Following is a film description: "The Modoc War of 1872 to 1873 was a conflict that occurred between the people of the Modoc tribe, and the United States army in today’s Northern California and Southern Oregon. For nearly seven months, a small group of Modoc families was able to hold off hundreds of U.S. soldiers from entering their stronghold by using their understanding of the environment of the lava beds, their homeland, to their advantage. Our story follows the brave Modoc Civic Leader, Captain Jack as he negotiates for peace in his homeland against the U.S. army, and the choices and sacrifices he is forced to make for the sake of his people."

Link for schedule and livestreaming tickets ($25/day or $50 for 3 days):

On a historic note, following the war several Modoc leaders were court-martialed and executed while their community members were exiled to the far east in Indian Country to what is now known today as Ottawa County, Oklahoma. Modoc Nation of Oklahoma and the Klamath Tribes (Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin Paiute) in Oregon continue to assert their place in the Upper Klamath Basin and the Lower Klamath lake region in northeastern California. The Klamath Tribes and Modoc Nation are working together to develop departments/programs for the reclamation of their respective languages across historic and present-day homelands in Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, and Oklahoma.