Published: May 14, 2021

LURA 2021 Tiles 6The Department of Linguistics is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2021 Linguistics Undergraduate Research Awards, also known as LURA. Each spring, the Department of Linguistics invites faculty, GPTIs, and TAs to nominate students in their classes (both introductory and advanced) who have authored outstanding essays and/or research projects. The nominees then create short blogs about their research, working closely with their faculty and graduate student mentors. You can find the blog posts authored by our 2021 winners (all 25 of them!) at the above link. 

Please join us in celebrating the winners of this prestigious award: Vida Alami, Olivia Berry, Joseph Bogumill & Jordan Lee, Cole Cantor, Will Culkin, Drew Frank, Kelton Jay Hevelone, Lauren Hines, Evi Judge (who wrote two blog posts!), Korye Lockett, Devin Lohner, Jenna Lowe & Gia Martinez, Caeli McCusker, Sami McKinsey, Rebekah Motooka, Maisa Nammari, Vivian Pham, Noah Prior, Samantha Reinhold, Abigail Renfrow, Alexis Schlagenhauf, Ella Steckler, and Kira Weinberger.

Special thanks go to Josh Daniels, our graduate student web designer, Prof. Laura Michaelis, our department chair, Prof. Kira Hall, our Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies and ASSETT Faculty Fellow, and the ASSETT Faculty Fellows Program.

Congratulations to all of our illustrious LURA laureates! And happy reading!