Published: May 14, 2020

MaisaCU Linguistics junior Maisa Nammari is the winner of the 2020 David S. Rood Undergraduate Scholarship. Awarded since 2017, the prize recognizes outstanding achievement, as well as potential for further success in linguistics. The scholarship is named in honor of professor David Rood, a specialist in Siouan-Caddoan languages, who retired in 2016 after 48 years of teaching at CU. He was known for his devotion to undergraduate students and undergraduate courses. Maisa is not only an outstanding student, but has also made important contributions to the CU Linguistics departmental community. She was a member of the Linguistics Departmental Action Team, which created our new program of major tracks. In addition, she was co-organizer of the Linguistics Undergraduate Club's keynote lecture by David J. Peterson on the CU campus. Finally, Maisa provided valuable service as a student organizer of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology Conference, using her graphic design talents to create the conference logo. Maisa is a junior majoring in Linguistics, pursuing the Cognitive Science certificate, and minoring in Japanese. She is interested in linguistic anthropology, interactional linguistics, and linguistic relativity, among many other topics. Her passion for linguistics was first sparked by her grandfather.