Published: Dec. 19, 2019

AAA-2019Students from CU Boulder’s program in Culture, Language, and Social Practice (CLASP) joined their advisor Professor Kira Hall to deliver a well received panel at the AAA/CASCA conference in Vancouver, Canada, November 2019. Entitled “Language and Middleclassness,” the panel originated from a Spring 2019 CU Boulder seminar of the same name, taught by Prof. Hall. Seven students submitted abstracts of work conducted in the seminar and were invited by the Society for Linguistic Anthropology to present papers.

Pictured from left to right: Gwendolen Vandenburg (supporter), Maureen Kosse (presenter), Tammy Rae Matthews (presenter), Andrew Ting (presenter), Olivia Marrese (presenter), Rebecca Lee (presenter), Velda Khoo (presenter), and Kira Hall (chair). Kim Strong also presented a paper but is not present in this photo. 

Congratulations to these students, to their advisor Kira Hall, and to the CU Boulder CLASP Program!

Papers presented:

  • Maureen KosseMiddle Class Erasure, Neoliberalism, and the Alt-Right
  • Olivia Marrese: Middle Classness in Conversation: Identity Work and Ideologies in a Fly Fishing Community
  • Tammy Rae Matthews: The Centrality of Class to Mediations of North American Sport: The Example of Caitlyn Jenner 
  • Rebecca Lee: “What Do We Have To Lose?”:  White Anti-Racist Activists and the Fusional Categorization of Race and Class
  • Andrew Ting“Climbing to a Higher Branch[r]:” Middle-Class Sounds of Sexual Modernity in a Beijing Web Series
  • Kim Strong: White Middle-Class Constructions Through Latinx Working-Class Families: How Discourses about the Latinx-White Educational Achievement Gap Construct White Middle-Classness  
  • Velda Khoo: Singlish Spoken Through the Middle Class