Published: April 24, 2019

Please join us in congratulating the following students who successfully defended their MA theses this semester!

  • Haley Hash: “Arapaho Bimorphemic Motion verbs: an ontological and semantic exploration” (chair: Andy Cowell)
  • Cedar Lay: “Resisting the Search for an Elusive Linguistic Purity in Language Description: A Case Study of Èdó and Moba Color Terms” (chair: Kira Hall)
  • Miyabi Ozawa: “Interactive Functions of First-Person Singular Pronouns in Japanese Conversation”(chair: Barbara Fox)
  • Andrew Ting: “Pow-érhuà: The Beijing “Smooth Operator” Variable and Sexual Modernity in a Chinese Web Series” (chair: Kira Hall

Below are some post-defense pictures of a few of our newly minted MAs (from left to right: Ting, Hash, and Ozawa), along with their thesis committees:

andy-defense  haley-defense-2  miyabi-defense