Published: April 9, 2019

paula_A&SWe are pleased to announce that Paula Dufour, our Departmental Program Assistant, has been named 2019 Arts & Sciences Employee of the Year!

The College of Arts and Science recognizes Paula’s critical contributions to our mission and quality of life in Linguistics. For most of us, it's hard to imagine life in the Department without her! Below is an excerpt from the letter sent by Dean White to inform Paula of the award, with quotes taken from the multiple letters of nomination submitted by faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in support of Paula receiving this well-deserved recognition:

Specifically, throughout your long-standing tenure in Linguistics, you have demonstrated integrity, fiscal prudence, dedication, professionalism, while taking “complete ownership” of the job. Department members particularly note your generous patience and compassion towards all in the diverse CU community, your personal interest in students’ welfare, and your proven initiative to improve teaching/learning conditions for graduate students and the working conditions for faculty. Two nominators point out that your efforts are often “beyond the call of duty,” and your valued contributions to the department “indispensable.”

In addition, your imaginative problem-solving, efficiency, extraordinary work ethic and meticulous accounting have greatly contributed to the success of numerous conferences and workshops such as the Summer Linguistics Institute. Your involvement in the implementation of two professional master’s programs and BA certificate in TESOL, your impeccable financial administration of a multi-unit graduate certificate as well as a language/literacy outreach program, demonstrate your service to the research and outreach missions of the department and beyond to the campus and community. We thank you for the additional time and energy you’ve put into helping to make the Department of Linguistics run so successfully.

Congratulations and deepest thanks from all of us, Paula! How lucky we are to have you with us!