Published: April 9, 2019

CU Linguistics PhD student Jared Desjardins has received two teaching awards from the University: the Certificate of Excellence from the CU Graduate Teacher Program, and the GPTI Teaching Excellence Award from the Graduate School!

Over the past two years, Jared has brought passion, empathy, and innovation to his role as the Lead TA for Linguistics. He has created innovative trainings, given excellent help, mentorship and advice to our hardworking, dedicated graduate teachers, created an Assistant Lead position that will help smooth Lead transitions from year to year, and even revived Colorado Research in Linguistics (CRIL) as part of his legacy project. On top of it all, Jared is an outstanding graduate teacher, creating a flipped-classroom environment for LING 4420 that students have responded to beautifully. We are grateful for his tremendous work as a teacher and scholar in our Department.

Congratulations, Jared, on these very well-deserved awards!