Published: Jan. 30, 2019

The Department of Linguistics is pleased to be one of seven units taking part in the new CU Boulder Interdisciplinary Writing Certificate.

The Certificate in Writing offers a flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum in writing studies that affords new opportunities to undergraduate students to demonstrate their commitment to and excellence in writing. Sponsored by the Program for Writing and Rhetoric, the Writing Certificate brings together seven units across three schools and colleges: Writing and Rhetoric, English, Education, Communication, Journalism, Media Studies, and, of course, Linguistics. Students majoring in any of these disciplines can take part in the Certificate. 

In addition to offering writing instruction across a range of fields, the Certificate prepares students for a post-CU world of employment. In the practicum associated with the Certificate, participating linguistic students will apply skills learned in their classes to professional settings, develop a curated electronic portfolio, and use their skills in ways that launch a professional career.

For more information on the Certificate, see the flyer here