Published: Sept. 1, 2014

Martha S. Palmer, Professor of Linguistics and Computer Science, has been selected as the winner of the Outstanding Faculty Graduate Advising award by the Graduate School. The nomination was submitted by a group of Dr. Palmer's past and present advisees, and the award recognizes Dr. Palmer for her excellent leadership and unreserved commitment to advising and mentorship of her graduate students. As the student nomination letter states, "Prof. Palmer's commitment to the professional development of her students is evident in her methods of mentorship. Every advisee is involved in one or more of her many grant-funded projects. What's notable about this is that our involvement in a project is rarely menial or marginal. Under her supervision, we participate in every aspect of the project, having a voice in its direction, development and progress". In the words of Prof. Laura Michaelis, acting chair of Linguistics, "It is work like Professor Palmer's that has shown the world what kinds of computer technologies a linguistically informed theory of language understanding can produce-from search engines that enable doctors to retrieve medical data quickly to automatic 'gisting' programs that gather and summarize content from news sources and blogs to automatic translation systems that are now available to anyone on the web. In addition, she has given the field of statistically based computing the VerbNet and PropBank resources, among others. However, Prof. Palmer's excellence and great value to the Linguistics department stems not merely from her scholarly output, resource development and research prowess but also from the extraordinary energy and passion she puts into the mentorship of both MA and PhD students".