The Lighting Program offers both undergraduate and graduate level courses in illumination engineering. These courses are taught through Architectural Engineering (AREN). The Lighting Program at CU has a long history of excellence and is one of only a handful of programs to teach more than a single course in illuminating engineering. The strength of our program is derived from a delicate balance of strong technical content applied through creative design. Graduates of our program can expect to find work in areas of the lighting industry such as electric lighting and daylighting design, product sales, software design, and optical and control system product development.


As an undergraduate, you have a number of options you can pursue in lighting education based on your interests. After completing Illumination I & Illumination II, which teach the fundamentals of illuminating engineering, you may choose to focus on Design, Application & Sustainability, or Modeling of Light. If you prefer breadth in lighting you may take any and all courses of your choice.

As a graduate student, you can take courses that will prepare you to research the human response to light or to develop technologies or processes that improve the way we light our built environment. 

Lighting courses