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This three-credit course teaches the fundamentals of architectural lighting systems and the human responses to those systems. The course describes the properties of daylight and electric light sources, how light interacts with architectural elements, how light affects human visual and non-visual responses, and the implications of these factors for building energy use and sustainability. Basic design practices and tools are introduced, explained, and practiced throughout the course.

AREN 5510: Architectural Lighting I Course Details

  • Instructors: Bob Davis and Sandra Vasconez
  • Access lecture and reading content at your convenience
  • Participate twice per week in 90-minute discussion sessions, providing over 35 hours of direct contact with faculty and fellow students. 
    (M/W 4-5:30 p.m. MT, Sept. 9-Dec. 9) 
  • Requires a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Lighting background not required. 
  • Introductory tuition rate of $1,650
  • Part of the new professional graduate Certificate in Architectural Lighting