Our Lab was was invented by tenure-track (TT) faculty in the PWR to insure our self-determination at a university that favors canonical disciplines and epistemologies.  The PWR’s reformation in 2002 positioned TT to be ancillary to another department’s mission and identity and to be employed in one administrative role or another.  All resident TT faculty formally, by MOU, affiliate with other departments, but we strive to produce scholarship, teaching, writing, and advocacy is the vital spaces between older disciplines and department so that our work is more directly relevant to the worlds we value.  We proudly serve in leadership roles in the PWR and the College of Arts and Sciences, but we do so now as research faculty in “writing studies” which is the name we prefer for the institutional space for us and for the PWR nationally and globally.

For the PWR, we serve as Director, as Associate Directors for graduate student (GPTI) writing instruction, cross-curricular writing and affiliation, and program assessment.  We welcome collaboration with our Instructor-rank colleagues is the vital matters of working conditions; salary and load; recruitment, promotion and retention; curriculum outreach to the First-year Academic Experience, writing-in-the-disciplines, Continuing Education, and in particular all initiatives on campus to recruit and retain students and faculty of color. 

Be Involved.

If you like what you see; if you wish to join; if you believe the Lab might know of your people and projects, we offer three ways to connect:

  • Resident faculty locate all or part of theri FTE (full-time equivalency) in the WRITE Lab, therefore the PWR and the Division of Arts and Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences at CU.  Many of our Residents are recruited inter/nationally through the disciplinary lens of “writing studies” and according to UCB’s policies for equitable, inclusive tenure-stream searches.  Residents may also, with approval of the existing tenure-stream faculty and the college, move all or part of their lines to build our community and broaden our disciplinary presence. 

  • CU Affiliate faculty from other departments may join the WRITE Lab as collaborating partners to participate in our intellectual programs, possibly to teach with us, and to find collegiality and sponsorship for their scholarship and teaching projects.  Their FTE would remain in the home departments.

  • Affiliates At Large may join us simply to be associated with our work and to stay informed our of projects.  Likewise we seek At Large Affiliates to learn and respect related scholarship, teaching and projects in our regoin, nationally, and internationally. We only ask for a name, an image, email, links, and a short descriptor to list on our web site.