Each academic year, the WRITE Lab hosts a number of events that are open and free to the public. We welcome your participation. Learn about current and past events below. 

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Rhetoric Symposium - Spring 2024

Regenerative Rhetorics: A Symposium on Rhetorical New Materialisms May 26-28, 2024 Boulder, Colorado “ Regeneration is mindfulness of the creativity of which we are a part.” –Vandana Shiva, 2022 Slow Seed Summit [We need] to break our habit of over-simplifying the world. The series of global crises that we now...

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2022-2024 Event Series on Art, Activism, and the Engaged Humanities

Eda Ozyesilpinar

Border Rhetorics Practice as Cultural Rhetorics Performance: Cartographic Orientations of Otherness

Eda will discuss what it means to practice border rhetorics research as a cultural rhetorics performance in studying maps as sites where issues of identity, alterity, and violence emerge in tension through the critical lens of border thinking as a decolonial methodology. Eda will conceptualize her understanding of cartography’s colonial...

Omedi Ochieng

Khorastrophe: Theory, Story, and the Writing of Suffering in Black Feminism

How does one write about black suffering, and specifically, about black women’s suffering without reinscribing the consumption of black pain? Is it possible to make palpable the specificity of black women’s suffering while at the same time showing how this suffering is constitutive of modernity? What rhetorical repertoires are available,...

Cindy Tekobbe

Indigeneity and Decolonialism Online: Exploring Indigenous Digital Political Identity Through Memes

Cindy Tekobbe joined Bama’s Department of English in 2015. Her research interests include rhetorics of gender identities and sexualities, feminisms, cultures, networks and technologies, indigeneities and survivance, and the literacy and cultural practices of digital communities. Prior to 2015, Dr. Tekobbe taught classes at Arizona State University in ASU’s Department...

Gabriela Rios

Indigenous "Genres of Human": Digital Brujas & Fighting Cholitas

This talk will look at the ways in which women in Latin America have utilized submerged feminine indigenous knowledge to reclaim, reshape, and negotiate what it means to be an indigenous woman through embodied genres of knowledge production like poetry and the lucha libre (wrestling). I will show that through...

Karrieann Soto-Vega

Decolonial Rhetorics of Defiance, Gender, and Puerto Rican Nationalism Across Oceanic Borderspaces

In her research presentation, Dr. Karrieann Soto Vega advances a transnational feminist rhetorical history of Lolita Lebrón, a Puerto Rican nationalist, woman activist who engaged in an armed attack against the US Congress in 1954, as a decolonial rhetoric of defiance. In this work, Soto Vega highlights the importance of...

Jonathan Alexander

Jonathan Alexander Visit

Jonathan Alexander Visit - October 11 & 12, 2018 Lecture : Thursday, October 11th at 3:30pm - 5pm (With Reception). C4C, Flatirons Room Workshop : Friday, October 12th, 11am–1pm (Lunch provided). Physics Building, Commons Room, 11th Floor About Jonathan Alexander: Jonathan Alexander is a writer, literacy scholar, and cultural critic...

J. David Cisneros

J. David Cisneros Visit

This presentation analyzes the immigration “artivism” of various nationally-renowned activists and artists such as Favianna Rodriguez, Ernesto Yerena, and Cesar Maxit. These Latinx artists produce celebrated artwork as part of their activism in immigrant rights movements. I focus on various kinds of work (graphic art, performance) as a sources of...

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality at CU Boulder

Augmented Reality at CU-Boulder, February 25 & 26, 2017 Augmented Reality & Critical Engagement: A Lecture & Workshop by Amir Baradaran Lecture : Thursday, Feb. 25th at 6pm (Reception, 5pm). British Studies Room, Norlin Library, M549 Workshop : Friday, Feb. 26th, 9am–2pm. Lunch provided. Aspen Room 285. UMC. About the...