Weimer and Lubers

One of our students likes to say that Team Weimer does energy, but does so in many different ways. Our group is focused on energy research in three key areas: surface functionalization by atomic layer deposition (ALD), energy materials discovery, and solar thermal chemical processing.  In addition to having outstanding Graduate Research Assistants (i.e. Ph.D. students) and undergraduate engineering students to support them, the Weimer research laboratory has over 3000 ft2 of space in the College of Engineering and Applied Science housed on the Boulder campus.  The lab owns four Particle ALD fluidized bed reactor systems with integrated mass spectrometers, a 60kWelectric 10 cm ID x 42 cm long uniformly heated length graphite furnace which can be used for chemical processing at up to 2400oC.  The lab owns a 45 kWelectric (10 kWthermal) high flux solar simulator and associated hybrid solar/electric receiver. The lab also owns and operates a Netzsch thermogravimetric analyzer (STA 449 F1 Jupiter Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (1550oC), TGA/DSC/DTA) with an integrated mass spectrometer and a new Netzsch DIL 402 C/7/G 2000oC Dilatometer for Thermomechanical Analysis. Particle size, chemisorption/physisorption, fixed carbon and oxygen/nitrogen, and surface area analyses are also available in the Weimer research laboratory. The Weimer lab also owns a 3D printer with gantry robot and a vacuum planetary mill for preparing colloidal gels for robocasting.  In addition to equipment and instrumentation, the group licenses full versions of ANSYS Fluent and FACTSAGE.  An additional resource available within the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is a fully staffed machine and electronics shop with a full time machinist/ instrument craftsman and electrician.