Published: Aug. 18, 2021

Kathryn giving her talk at AOS/SCOLast week the 2021 joint meeting of the American Ornithological Society and the Society of Canadian Ornithologists met virtually. Members of the Taylor Lab gave an array of talks throughout the meeting on topics ranging from redpoll (Erik Funk) and wagtail (Georgy Semenov) genomics to avian malaria (Angela Theodosopoulos) and chickadee hybridization (Kathryn Grabenstein).

Angela was awarded an honorable mention for her talk describing a range expansion of the highly invasive malaria parasite SGS1 to chickadees in Colorado, which will soon be published in Biology Letters - Congrats Angela! 

Kathryn was awarded an AOS Council Best Student Talk Award for her talk titled "Evaluating if human land disturbances break species barriers at continent-wide and regional scales". Congratulations Kathryn!

Here is a full list of the award winners!