Potential graduate students interested in research with the Shirts Group should apply to the graduate program in chemical and biological engineering. Project selection for matriculated applicants is done in November of your first semester. Please consult with Dr. Shirts during the fall semester regarding availability of projects. In some cases, students admitted to chemistry, biochemistry, or materials science may also join the group. 

Interested and motivated currently enrolled undergraduates are advised to contact Dr. Shirts directly to discuss the availability of projects.

There are currently two postdoctoral positions available in the Shirts group! 

One postdoctoral position is to develop guidelines, based on fundamental physical principles, by which short nonbiological heteropolymers with sequence specificity can fold into secondary structure elements. This research will also help study what governs the relative stability between these allowed secondary structural elements. These initial studies will pave the way for more extensive and realistic modeling of the proposed heteropolymers, working with our experimental collaborators. This research effort is intended to build tools and theories for crafting human-engineered foldameric materials with a much larger range of properties and functions that occur in naturally occurring biological heteropolymers such as proteins.

See below for the application page: https://jobs.colorado.edu/jobs/JobDetail/Postdoctoral-Associate/22277

A second postdoctoral position is to study the structure of nanostructured membranes formed by the self-assembly and polymerization of amphiphilic molecules as well as the mechanical properties of these membranes. These structural studies will be accompanied by study of the transport of small molecules in the nanochannels of these membranes. The mechanistic insights obtained in these studies will be used in collaboration with experimentalists to design and test new membranes that have high, chemically specific rejection of a range of solutes while maintaining high permeability of water.

See below for the application page: https://jobs.colorado.edu/jobs/JobDetail/Postdoctoral-Associate/22282