Our group's research combines biology and robotics to, uncover the principles of robustness that make animals successful at locomotion in natural environments, and, in turn, inspire the design of the next generation of novel robots for effective real-world operation. Specifically, we are working on a variety of projects aimed at enhancing the mechanical, power, sensing, and control autonomy of insect-scale systems so that they can begin to approach the capabilities of their animal counterparts. Please visit our research page for additional details of our work and the latest outputs may be located as publications and associated data/tools.  You may also find our YouTube channel and recent press coverage helpful to gain greater insight into our research. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

Work with us

We are currently NOT looking to recruit more PhD students. Self-funded PhD students and postdoctoral scholars can reach out to Prof. Jayaram by email with your CV and detailed interest in joining our group. 

If you are currently an undergraduate or Masters student already at CU and are interested in working with our group, please visit the current job openings page before contacting Prof. Jayaram by email. If you are not yet a CU student, please apply to our Graduate Program. If interested, please contact Prof. Jayaram by E-mail and note that you have reviewed our research and this webpage.